Nikon issues ‘Technical Service Advisory’ for Z9 cameras with faulty lens release buttons: Digital Photography Review

An illustration, provided by Nikon USA, highlighting where the serial number can be found on Nikon Z9 camera bodies.

Nikon has issued a ‘Technical Service Advisory’ for its high-end Z9 full-frame mirrorless camera, due to select units having issues with the lens release button.

According to Nikon, the lens release button, ‘does not function as it should and does not allow for rotation and removal of a lens or mount adapter from the camera [when pressed.]’ Nikon says ‘parts that do not meet our quality standards were used on some Z9 cameras,’ resulting in this issue.

Nikon doesn’t specify how many camera units it believes to be affected by this issue, but does say it has identified ‘a range of Z9 camera serial numbers that may contain those parts’ and notes it ‘will address the issue’ by inspecting and replacing the affected components ‘as needed at no cost to the customer.’ Nikon will also cover the cost of shipping both to and from its service providers, even if the warranty has expired on the camera.

A photograph of the Nikon Z9 with the lens release button circled in red.

Z9 owners can check whether or not their unit falls within the affected range of serial numbers using Nikon’s dedicated webpage. If the unit does fall within the affected range, Nikon will display on the page the instructions for requesting service, as well as a means to print a free shipping label.

Nikon is asking Z9 owners with additional questions to contact its Nikon Customer Relations team by visiting its support page. We have contacted Nikon USA for additional information on how many cameras it believes are affected and what regions this ‘Technical Service Advisory’ is in effect for.

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