Panasonic adds new prime lens, zoom lens to S series L-mount lens roadmap: Digital Photography Review

Following the announcement of its forthcoming full-frame S5 II and S5 IIX cameras and Lumix S 14–28mm F4–5.6 Macro lens, Panasonic has updated its lens roadmap to include two new L-mount S series lenses: one prime lens and one zoom lens.

Based on the new roadmap, embedded below, it appears the two new L-mount S series lenses will be a 100mm macro lens and a zoom lens with a range of roughly 28–200mm, although the exact range could change between now and launch.

Assuming these estimations hold true, that would make the 100mm Macro lens the company’s first macro prime and longest S series prime lens to date. Until now, the only macros in Panasonic’s L-mount lineup are zooms: the Lumix S 14–28mm F4–5.6 Macro, 24–105mm F4 Macro OIS and 70–300mm F4.5–5.6 Macro OIS.

If you look at the placement of the 28–200mm zoom lens in the chart, it appears as though it will be a variable-aperture lens (all of the constant aperture lenses are listed under the primes and the variable aperture lenses are listed at the bottom). Taking into account other full-frame lenses in this zoom range, it’s possible the lens could be an F2.8–5.6 or or an F3.5–5.6.

It’s possible these lenses could change or be dropped entirely from the lens roadmap going forward, but as it stands, we can expect at least one more prime and one more zoom lens for Panasonic’s S series L-mount lineup in the future, both of which fill areas in the lineup that don’t currently exist.

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