Film Friday: DPRTV reviews Fujifilm’s Acros II film: Digital Photography Review

This Film Friday we’re rewinding back to 2020 and the launch of Fujifilm’s Acros 100 II black and white 35mm and 120 film. This film is an update to Fujifilm’s original Acros 100, which was regarded as a medium-contrast workhorse film stock for everyday use.

DPReview’s Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake met the new film launch by shooting a few rolls of the version II 35mm film on a trusty Nikon FE SLR. They developed them at home and digitized the frames using Nikon’s ES-2 adapter. Niccolls found the new Acros II to be improved over Acros version I, with punchier contrast, but otherwise very similar in fine grain, detail and sharpness. Check out the results in the sample gallery below.

But wait, there’s more!

Fujifilm has embraced film simulation modes in its digital cameras and happens to have one for Acros in the X-T3. So we figured, why not compare our film results against the simulation and see how they stack up? We found the film simulation to have much more contrast with a wider range of deeper blacks and brighter whites, and much finer detail. On the surface, we’d say the two look nothing alike.

Did you ever shoot Acros II (or Acros version I)? Do you ever find yourself selecting Acros film simulation in Fujifilm digital cameras? Let us know in the comments.

Fujifilm’s Acros II film sample gallery

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